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  • Dr. D. Trivedi

     The Department of Urology at Capital Hospital is headed and supervised by Dr. D. Trivedi M.S,M.ch(Urology)

     Scope of services:


    • Performing all diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures in the field of Urology including LASER treatment.
    • Diagnosis and management of urinary stones either endoscopically or by conventional open surgery.
    • Diagnosis and management of Renal tumours with Laparoscopic Surgery.
    • Diagnosis and management of prostatic symptoms by different recent modalities including surgeries like TUIP and TURP.
    • Trans-urethral resection of bladder tumors(TURBT) and their follow-up.
    • Early detection and management of prostate cancer including prostatic biopsy.
    • Endoscopic treatment of URETHRAL STRICTURES and performing URETHROPLASTY.
    • Management of Genito-urinary congenital anomalies including HYPOSPADIAS, UNDESCENDED TESTES, and others.
    • Inguino-scrotal surgeries including VARICOCELECTOMY, HYDROCELECTOMY, and others.
    • Diagnosis and management of different causes of voiding dysfunction, urinary incontinence and other neuro-urological symptoms.
    • Treatment of acute and chronic prostatitis, UTI and other male genito-urinary infections.

    Department of Urology is a spirited workforce of young skillful healthcare professionals who are committed to providing safe urological surgery with successful outcomes of international standards. The team emphasizes the principles of good practice with professional values, knowledge, skills, and behavior.

    The department offers a full range of specialist urology and andrology services for the rural and urban population of the region. Urological conditions like urinary stone disease, cancers, prostatic enlargement, sexual dysfunction, male infertility, voiding dysfunction, and urinary incontinence are managed with state-of-the-art diagnostic (laboratory and imaging) and therapeutic procedures of modern endoscopy and minimally invasive treatments in well-equipped laminar operation theatres with experienced theatre staff.

    Services offered by the department:

    • Ureterorenoscopy (URS for ureteric stones)
    • Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy (PCNL for kidney stones)
    • Ureterolithotomy
    • Cystolithotripsy
    • TUR-Prostatectomy (for enlarged prostate)
    • Visual Internal Urethrotomy, Urethroplasty (for urethral strictures)
    • TURBT (Bladder Tumor resection)
    • Male Infertility & Impotence (Andrology)
    • Nephrectomy
    • Pyeloplasty
    • Day-care surgery
    • Pediatric urology, neuro-urology clinics

    The Vision of the department is to provide comprehensive, seamless service to all patients, offering rapid diagnosis, intervention, and aftercare and thus foster safe and effective treatment for all. Capital hospital, an integrated facility, with an outstanding multi-disciplinary team of doctors and critical-care services provides optimal evidence-based treatment to patients with the support of a competent team of nurses, rehabilitation experts, technicians, and management personnel. The department of Urology is committed to the foresight of the hospital to cater to quality health care for all and form a perfect bridge between patient needs and medical facilities at an affordable cost.