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    MBBS, DNB Pediatrics, Fellowship in Neonatology.

    What is Paediatrics?

    Children are the most treasured assets of any family and there can be no compromise in their health. It is indisputable truth that their health concerns are the utmost importance for any family. Paediatricians are doctors who are able to check the health of your children’s physical as well as behavioral, and mental health problems of Kids. We are proficient in diagnosing and treating childhood illnesses, starting with minor health issues to serious ailments. Doctors at Capital Hospitals Vijayawada are available round the clock to attend to any kind of emergency related to babies and kids.

    The Salient Features:

    The paediatric and Neonatology department at Capital Hospitals Vijayawada is well equipped with modern technology to treat sick children and rid them of their illnesses 24 x 7.

    Our Neonatology department with Six bed NICU has state of art Infrastructures like dedicated conventional Neonatal ventilators, Monitors, Infusion pumps, syringe pumps, HFNC machines, phototherapy units, and transport ventilation to treat Neonates with various disorders.

    Our transport ambulance is fitted with an integrated transport ventilator for transporting sick neonates from far-off hospitals to our Institute under the best circumstances along with skilled paramedics and paediatricians.

    We are trained to manage low birth weight, very low birth weight and extremely low birth weight preterm Neonates.

    We also focus on total parenteral Nutrition, combined feeding and exclusive breastfeeding. Our neonatology division is baby-centric and focuses on exclusive breastfeeding. The nurses are well-trained in motivating mothers in breastfeeding, advising and reassuring them in breastfeeding after childbirth. Our efforts in relieving new mothers’ jitters regarding baby handling are admirable.

    Our have various dedicated neonatal respiratory support systems like High Flow Nasal Cannula, Conventional ventilator and High- frequency Oscillatory ventilator to treat Respiratory Distress Syndrome, congenital pneumonia and Respiratory Failure.

    Phototherapy units and Exchange transfusion facilities are there to treat neonatal jaundice and neonatal sepsis in the hospital.

    We also have a very advanced Obstetric department to provide critical pregnancy services.

    The Other Specialities

    Along with open Neonatal or Paediatric surgeries, Laparoscopic surgeries are carried out successfully quite often. Regular surgeries like Appendectomy, Herniatomies, Intussusception, Fulguration of PUV or Circumcision Pyeloplasty, Intestinal obstruction, are performed often in our institute.

    The paediatric and neonatal department has the unequivocal support of well- known and greatly gifted Neurologist, Cardiologist, Nephrologist, Radiologist, Orthopaedic Surgeons and ENT surgeon. They are always at hand to advise and attend to children's problems promptly.

    Our Nutritionist Dr Hima Bindu heads the dietetics and delivers necessary and scientific help in treating children with a food allergy, Diabetes mellitus, Malnutrition, malabsorption syndromes, chronic renal failure and obesity.

    Our state of the art, four-bed paediatric intensive care unit is fixed with world-class structure that can handle children with different Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Trauma, Neurological, and post-surgical problems.

    1:1 Nursing

    Well trained and experienced intensive and trauma care department nurses are experts in managing scorpion sting, snake bite, poisoning, burns and drowning patients. 1:1 patient-nurse ratio in their 24 x 7 services it has recorded a very high degree of success in terms of patient treatment results.

    Our monumentally developed laboratory is a primary tool in treating indisposed kids.

    The Physiotherapy department is fully equipped to handle any PICU and Orthopaedic care.

    Paediatric Cardiothoracic unit

    With the exception of these intensive care services, our Paediatric department offers all kinds of regular baby vaccinations, also preschool and adolescent vaccines. We  provide

    Preschool health check-ups, in dental, Ophthalmological and ENT fields. Paediatricians and Psychiatrists together take on Counselling and mental health for parents and children.

    To sum up, the Paediatric department at Capital hospitals Vijayawada offers a comprehensive, holistic, compassionate cure with loving care from disease diagnosis and treatment along with getting rid of parental qualms and anxiety.