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  • Dr. J. Dheeraj

    The Department of Neuro Surgery at Capital Hospital is headed and supervised by Dr. J.Dheeraj   M.S, M.ch(Neuro Surgery) from NIMS

    Expertise - Neurosurgical Specialties / Features :


    • Acute neurosurgical emergencies- Head injuries, Spinal cord trauma.
    • Neuro-oncology (Brain & Spinal cord tumours)and skull base neurosurgery.
    • Vascular micro-neuro surgery for cerebral haemorrhage (Brain stroke), aneurysm, AVM.
    • Endovascular neuro intervention techniques of aneurysm coiling, carotid artery stenting & Embolisation techniques.
    • Spine -open procedures and minimally invasive surgeries.
    • Percutaneous needle pain therapeutic techniques for headache, facial pain(TGN), neck and back pain.

    Radiofrequency pain procedures :


    • Deep brain stimulation (pacemaker for brain) for movement disorders, epilepsy, dystonia and psychiatric illness.
    • Spinal cord stimulation (pacemaker for spine) in severe spinal injuries and post traumatic pain.
    • Neuro-rehabilitation &occupational therapy for craniospinal injury patients.