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  • Dr. P. Pavan Kumar

     The Department of Nephrology at Capital Hospital is headed and supervised by Dr. P. Pavan Kumar MD,DM.

    • Dr. Pavank Kumar Having good experience in handling both acute and chronic Kidney diseases, Nephrotic syndrome, Glomerulonephritis, infections of kidney and urinary tract, congenital kidney diseases.
    • Well trained in doing kidney biopsies, rendering dialysis services (both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, CRRT, haemoperfusion for poisoning and drug overdose, plasmapheresis for renal and non renal indications).
    • Skilled in doing kidney transplantation

    Our nephrologists take a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to provide the best of patient care. The team works side by side with each patient throughout the treatment cycle, deploying comprehensive cure.

    “One of the hallmarks of our Institute of Renal sciences and Hypertension is our caring, personalized services. We as a team strive to foster close relationships with patients and their families. In fact, results from our patient surveys show that more than 90% would definitely recommend the Nephrology Department at Capital Hospitals to either a friend or family member.”

    Institute of Renal Sciences and Hypertension

    Dr P. Pavan Kumar has a vision to create reliability for renal sciences and hypertension treatment in the capital region, to serve patients suffering from kidney related problems like DM Nephropathy, renal stones, chronic kidney diseases and acute kidney injury. Utilizing novel and most advanced techniques at a highly affordable cost, the team provides exceptional care and overall wellbeing.

    Department of Nephrology Services

    • Advanced haemodialysis unit with high quality RO water, High Quality dialysis machines.
    • Dedicated dialysis unit for seropositive patients (HbsAg, HCV, HIV,).
    • 24hrs Emergency dialysis with ‘round the clock’ experienced nurses, dialysis therapists, doctors, nephrologists and critical care team.

    Multi Disciplinary Team

    Capital hospitals, an integrated facility with an outstanding multi-disciplinary team of doctors and critical-care services provides optimal evidence-based treatment to patients with a reliable support coming from competent team of nurses, rehabilitation experts, technicians and management personnel. The department of Nephrology is committed to the foresight of the hospital, catering quality health care to all and forming perfect bridge between patient needs and medical facilities at an affordable cost.