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  • Dr. J. Purna Chandra Rao

    MD(Gen.Medicine), PGDID(Infectious Disease)

    The General Medicine Department of Capital Hospitals stands as the backbone of patient care. The department has been in existence since the inception of the hospital looking after major in-patient and out-patient load daily.

    The physicians here are committed to applying the latest medical knowledge and technology to meet the needs of the patient and offer an array of services right from treating simple fevers to complicated clinical conditions requiring consolidated attention and referral to proper specialty if required. Outpatient services run from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 1 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm.

    24*7 relentless emergency services

    Emergency services of this hospital are covered 24*7 offering sedulous care. All general medicine emergencies, critical as well as routine are looked after in time.

    The department has a special interest in treating patients of different specialities like diabetes, immunology, sepsis and critically ill patients. It aims to provide the highest quality of care to the patients based on evidence.


    The mission of their department is to provide emergency medical care based on evidence while remaining true to their core values and they keenly adapt to change by new and better ways to provide emergency care round the clock.

    It is a broad specialty which provides primary, secondary and tertiary health care for all the medical problems as well as medical emergencies like Diabetes, Hypertension, hypertension crisis, diabetic ketoacidosis, infections, sepsis, and septic shock, pneumonia and ARDS, etc. through outpatient and in-patient services.

    Treating patients with the utmost care and heed

    The main function is to treat patients who are suffering from an acute illness or injury that would lead to severe complications if not treated in time. It has specialized intensive care units with an interminable Intensivist supervising critically ill patients like various poisonings, snake bites, scorpion bites, drug overdosage, sepsis, diabetic coma, ARDS, multi-organ failure, pneumonia, acute on COPDs and various other medical illness requiring critical care support.

    Provides support to all the specialized ICUs

    • MICU to provide care to all medical emergencies requiring continuous monitoring or ventilator support.
    • NICU in handling neurological emergencies like cerebrovascular stroke etc.
    • SICU in providing post-operative care to patients undergoing surgeries.
    • CICU in dealing with cardiac emergencies like Acute MI, Acute LVF, etc.
    • 24 hours coverage of all ICU's with junior doctors and intensivists

    State-of-the-art Equipment

    • Their intensive care units are all equipped with the latest
    • devices needed to provide critical care support.
    • AEDsand Defibrillators to deliver shock during tachy or bradyarrhythmias or cardiac arrest and monitor the rhythm and rate of the heart.
    • Resuscitator bag valve mask to provide ventilation to lungs during resuscitation.
    • Invasive and non-invasive latest ventilators to provide mechanical ventilation to critically ill patients as needed.
    • Latest IV infusion sets to enhance regulated drug delivery to critically ill patients in ICU.
    • NIV monitors for monitoring patients vitals like BP HR, Oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and heart rhythm, etc
    • Arterial pressure monitors for accurate blood pressure monitoring for patients in shock/hypotension.
    • Haemodialysis machines providing bedside dialysis in renal failure patients in ICUs.
    • Vacuum beds to prevent bedsores in bed-ridden patients in ICU.