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    The Department of ENT  at Capital Hospital is headed and supervised by Dr. B. Pavan Kumar, MS ENT(PGI)

    The most important functions of Hearing, Smell, Taste, Speech, Breathing & Balance are related to EAR-NOSE-THROAT. But in the routine busy life, we neglect to take care of them which leads to simple to Catastrophic diseases of these organs and leads to a compromised lifestyle in the long run. Capital Hospitals has set up a state of the art, fully functional ENT departments in Vijayawada offering specialized care in the vertical.

    The ENT department at Capital Hospitals promises to deliver the latest authentic, accurate medical and surgical modalities of treatment as per evidence-based medicine at par with any international standard institute, from simple to complex ENT disorders.

    Assisted by the latest generation of equipment, the surgeons offer precise treatments using minimal investigations, minimally invasive surgery and shorter duration of hospital stay for all kinds of ENT related problems.

    Specialized ICU Backup

    The patients are offered consultations from a team of vibrant anesthetists before undergoing any kind of procedure. The specialized ICU backup offers all types of ENT surgeries with daycare, wherein the hospital stay is less than a day majority of times and patients can resume their normal duties as soon as possible. Apart from the diverse ENT treatments for adults, the hospital also provides effective treatment options for an ear infection, ear discharge, hearing loss, sinus problems, headache, nasal block, breathing issues Foriegn body in Nose, Ear and Throat, and various allergies in children.

    Full-Time ENT Care

    CCapital Hospital is the only multispeciality 200-bed corporate Hospital in the AP’s capital city of Amaravati with a full-time ENT Consultant. Equipped with the latest surgical equipment to handle any kind of ENT Emergency, both regular and complicated ENT disorders, the department is always alert to respond to immediate patient care. The presence of other medical & surgical specialties under a single roof helps the ENT surgeon to diagnose early and get the opinion from other specialties at the earliest where & when needed for critically ill patients with multiple problems.

    Best Outpatient Outfit

    The hospital has the best equipment in the outpatient department for examination and treatments along with a minor operation theatre. Separate Endoscopy room for endoscopic examination of ear, nose, and throat and equipped with a flexible endoscope for easy examination of nose and voice box helps in super quick diagnosis and treatment of nasal and speech problems.

    Advanced Facilities for Allergies

    Facilities for the medical treatment of allergy of the nose (allergic rhinitis) and related issues are available, backed up by the other critical facilities to test the blood for various food or materials causing allergy.

    Regular and Cosmetic Surgical Options

    Capital Hospitals offer surgical treatments for deviations of nose, cosmetic surgery of nose and facial deformities. Modern equipment including high powered instrumentation and Karl Storz endoscope systems are available for minimally invasive safe and blood less surgery of nose for conditions like nasal polyps & sinusitis etc. which help in effective healing.

    Facilities for Painless & Bloodless Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomies are available with the technological advantages of Debriders and Coblators, where in the recovery is usually faster than that of normal patients.

    Special Examinations

    For teachers and voice related professionals, Capital Hospitals offer a routine examination of voice box with  laryngoscopy, used to identify any changes in the vocal cords during early stages, thereby leading to timely and effective treatment. Micro & Endoscopic assisted vocal cord operations are performed for vocal cord polyps, haemangiomas, and other benign lesions. These procedures enable recovery of voice back to normal in no time. Dr. Pavan Kumar has performed a good number of micro laryngeal operations on singers, pastors, and teachers, bringing back their lost voice.

    A vast number of patients have been treated in a short span of time for ear discharge and hearing loss related complaints with medical treatment and surgeries. Tympanoplasty for hearing restoration and mastoidectomy for chronic ear discharge is being done routinely with a close to 98.4 % success rate. All types of ear diseases are treated on par with world class hospitals, resulting in good patient feedback.


    Snoring in Sleep Care

    Snoring in sleep, another deadly lifestyle related disease is also treated at the Capital Hospitals by evaluation with Polysomnography, treatments by CPAP or surgery where required with excellent outcomes.


    The hospital offers day care treatments for all balance related disorders called Vertigo, with simple exercises for Positional Vertigo(BPPV) and intratympanic injections for Meniere’s disease and other inner ear diseases.