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  • Capital also boasts of a highly efficient critical care program in the region with 75 beds across different intensive care units; medical, surgical, cardiac, paediatric, neonatology and neuro sciences. All the critical care beds are in the close vicinity of the operation theatre, enabling easy accessibility and continuity of care. Each critical care unit is equipped with high end patient monitoring devices, ventilators and dedicated isolation rooms. Facilities for hemodialysis, endoscopy and bronchoscopy are available 24x7 by the bed side.

    The hospitals has an advanced building management system that provides multi- tiered access control, electronic security systems with integrated CCTVs spanning across the facility and advanced fire management system amongst other utilities. They also have contemporary Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), seamlessly connected to all the out-patient, inpatient and diagnostic areas.

    Holistic multi speciality discipline The hospital house multi specialty discipline across critical care medicine, paediatric surgery, otolaryngology (ENT surgery), emergency medicine, pulmonology, diabetology, nephrology, obstetrics, general surgery, urology, gynecology, gastroenterology, genitor urinary surgery and advanced laparoscopy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine, geriatric medicine, medical paediatrics, pain medicine, neonatology, radiology and imaging, cardiology, general medicine, nutrition medicine and dietics, neurology, cardiothoracic surgery, joint replacement surgery, orthopaedics, bariatric and metabolic minimal access surgery etc.

    Undivided Focus on Critical Care Capital Hospitals is known for their high focus critical care services. The facility has 175 beds dedicated to different specialties. All the critical care beds are equipped with cutting edge monitoring systems, ventilators, and syringe pumps. Facilities like hemodialysis are also available by the bedside for patients. The ICUS are manned round the clock by critical care consultants, dedicated nurses and technicians with specialized training in critical care services.